MAS Headquarters

[ Office design for Municipal Art Society in New York ]

Located diagonally across from the Washinton Sq park, the project serve as an organization in constant communication and collaboration with the public. The design tackles the topic of office space based on the relationship between private and public, casual and formal, and eventually manifested on the overall organization of structure and circulation.

2020 Fall

GSD Core 3

Instructor: Eric Höweler

This initial provocation drawing depicted a shared tower in the center that is build up by the aggregation of kitchen, copy room and stairs those amenity spaces, standing in the void that maximized their presence as places for conversation and chance encounters.

Through a series of cascaded trusses, the public and private constituencies are reconfigured into a double-helix.

The section shows the interlocking of the floor slabs with sectional shifts creates a cascading space, that might allow light to pass through. Multiple stages of spaces unfold from a single point of view to create visual connections and chance encounters.